Civil Works

"SAFETY FIRST", these are two key words of Bailment's work policy. Assuring a safe and clean work environment for our employees

In addition, site workers we can as well guarantee our customers we deliver a proper job. A supervisor always on site to inspect all procedures are adhired strictly ensuring safety tool.

Civil Works:
Design and execution of foundations and associated Civil Works, we can provide you with the necessary geotechnical report complete with boring log and recommendations to make sure you have the proper foundation design to meet your tower specifications. We have experience in installing foundations for all types of towers; we can also install foundations for shelters.

  1.    # Perform all necessary earthwork.
  2.    # Install tower foundations, either caisson, spread, or rock anchor.
  3.    # Install lightning grounding and underground electrical work.
  4.    # Install equipment pad.
  5.    # Lay fabric and spread gravel.
  6.    # Install fencing as required.
  7.    # Coordinate with utility company to locate and place utility runs.
  8.    # Trench and install utility runs.
  9.    # Obtain and work with electrical contractor to install all electrical gear.

We at Bailment provide a solution for the detailed design and construction of the required environment and surrounding infrastructure and for providing utilities for network equipment.

Towers: We have a reputation for on-time performance with no-worry site construction. We can provide installation on a completely raw land site including site clearing, grading and civil work, grounding installation and testing, telephone and electrical services, and fencing.

Shelters: We can provide and install a variety of types and sizes of shelters.

DG: We provide the best of power backup DG sets with free low noise installations.

Other site infrastructure works.

Site Execution:

Electrical Works: The electrical works are carried out of all types:-
  1.    # Internal
  2.    # External
  3.    # Power connection
  4.    # Liaisoning with the Electricity department

Supply & Installation:
  1.    # DG sets
  2.    # Shelters
  3.    # Insulation Transformers
  4.    # Stabilizers
  5.    # Fire Alarm Panels

Other Activities:
  1. Liasioning: works for EB connections, municipal approvals.
  2. Earthing: We carryout complete lightning conductors installation & earthing work.
Aviation Lamps: We Install Aviation Lamps as per the standards and Aviation Rules.
  1.    # Ground Base Towers
  2.    # Roof Top Towers
  3.    # Monopoles
  4.    # Roof Top Poles
  5.    # Guyed Mast Towers
  6.    # TV Towers
  7.    # FM Towers
  8.    # Medium Wave Towers
  9.    # Short Wave Towers

Tower Work Services:

Our self-supporting towers used to support everything from a transmission line or a single antenna to other microwave links. Every self-supporting tower designed to as per the specific loading criteria using solid rod or angles for all structures. Towers tailored as per customer's specifications / requirements.

We also undertake designing, fabrication, galvanizing, painting of towers with weathering steel capability

  1.    # Easy, quick installation, as there is no need for heavy equipment.
  2.    # Mobile structures enable ease of having access to your site/location.
  3.    # We make sure that towers are Galvanized, painted, and weathering steel capability.
  4.    # Towers tailored as per the customer specification/requirements.
  5.    # Our profession workforce is flexible to adapt to your requirements.