Tower Erection

We also hold the expert teams for the projects of any kind of tower erection. Our teams can work under any kind of environmental conditions throughout the year.

The economics of mobile telecommunications and transmission towers has matured. Tower owners and operators are focused on increasing the number of antennas or tenants they have on each tower.

Unfortunately, many of monopoles or towers are not designed for holding the additional loading. Bailment have developed a revolutionary solution for reinforcing existing structures that is fast, cost efficient and utilizes a bolt on connection.

Telecom tower erection has become one of the most hazardous of installation projects therefore Bailment has begun to focus on several key areas of tower construction in an effort to reduce the injury rate.

The first area of focus is hard hats and other PPE. Expect an Bailment inspector to give your PPE and procedures an extra close look when he shows up on your tower erection job site.

Our supervisor ensures that all rigging should be in absolute top quality condition. Additionally, all riggers on the tower are properly trained and carrying their rigging card with them except when climbing.

Our telecom tower and transmission towers services includes following activities:

  1.    # Laying foundation for towers
  2.    # Fabrication of tower of all types
  3.    # Erection of towers of all types
  4.    # Painting and maintenance of towers of all types